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Hammershoi at work

Welcome to the website

Welcome to the fully responsive hammershø website. The site showcases the works of Hammershøi; who in our opinion deserves to be more well known. The site still includes many of the original features making it user friendly and easy to navigate but now has a much easier checkout system and is far more pleasing on the eye; as well as being easy to navigate on mobile devices. Read more
Montague Street

Visit Montague Street

We were intrigued to see how Montague Street looked in the 21st century in comparison to when Hammershøi painted his famous piece of the same name. So we took a trip to London Town to see just that. Almost 110 years later and it’s clear that Montague Street still holds the same charm that it did in 1905. Hammershøi captured the grey British sky wonderfully when he stayed here on Great Russell Street from around November 1905 to January 1906; ... Read more
Vilhelm Hammershoi Interior

National Gallery Hammershoi Painting

Interior - 1899 In Room 44 of The National Gallery, Interior which was painted in 1899 is on display. The painting is oil on canvas and in typical Hammershøi style is of his wife Ida and portrays one of the rooms in the old merchant house at Standgade 30, the house which they moved into in 1898. Pencil drawing can be seen through the paint layer and it shows that the table would have filled the foreground being much larger; the figure ... Read more